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Indians news and notes: Playing indoors is no less depressing than not playing at all

About this whole baseball thing...

Some ballparks have catwalks; others are falling apart
Some ballparks have catwalks; others are falling apart
Nick Laham/Getty Images

Corey Kluber's 109th pitch left the "yard" last night to give the Rays the lead and the Indians lost 5–1. The lone Cleveland run came on a solo homer by Francisco Lindor, who continues his nice start. In other news, Mike Napoli caught a ball off of a catwalk but it didn't count as an out. Jose Ramirez had a fly ball hit to him in left field but it didn't 'count' as an out either.

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If you missed it on LGT yesterday afternoon, Josh Martin was unable to stick on San Diego's roster for the full season and was returned to the Indians. They didn't even want to pretend he could surivive April as a man on the 25-man roster who doesn't get into any MLB games.

Scores Around Baseball That Interested Me

• Diamondbacks 4, Dodgers 2 — Kenta Maeda's second MLB start went almost as well as his first. Arizona got their hits in but couldn't do much with them until Maeda left the game and Nick Ahmed hit a home run on a pitch that almost bounced out of the hand of Pedro baez. It's early, but that Dodger bullpen is awfully bad for a team with such deep pockets.

• Marlins 2, Mets 1 — Jose Fernandez vs. Noah Syndergaard did not disappoint. Syndergaard was better, striking out 12 over 7 innings, but his bullpen gave up a 2nd run right when he left the game.

Around Baseball

• A blazing fastball is even harder to hit when it's released closer to home plate. Noah Syndergaard is great at both of these things. So is... Joe Kelly? It isn't helping him much, though. Perhaps Nathan Eovaldi wouldn't have been so easy for the Yankees to acquire if the Marlins realized he was also great at this.

• Rangers rookie Brett Nicholas wasn't negatively impacted by having his entire family in the seats for his debut.

• Now, let's all watch Carlos Gomez's outfield carpentry in unison...