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SB Nation and FanDuel are partnering for the 2016 season

SB Nation and FanDuel are partnering once again to bring you daily fantasy baseball.

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SB Nation and FanDuel are partnered once again for the 2016 season. As SB Nation's exclusive daily fantasy partner, FanDuel is offering readers a chance at a one-day, $100,000 MLB tournament.

If you're not familiar with FanDuel, they host daily fantasy baseball leagues. Instead of drafting a team that you think will outperform the rest of your league over the course of six months, you put together a lineup for only that day's games. There's a salary cap to stick to, adding another layer of strategy to the mix.

Blow your roto draft and you're already looking ahead to next year. Blow your FanDuel selections and you get another chance tomorrow.

If you are new to FanDuel, you can play in Rookie contests for the first 14 days on your new account. Rookie contests are cheap to enter, and all of them are 50/50 contests, meaning half of the entrants are guaranteed to win money. The other benefit is that you will be playing against other new players, so that guy who has spent years perfecting his lineup construction will not blow you out of the water before you get your feet wet.

Once you get a feel for the game, you can move onto standard games which feature several ways to play, including Tournaments, Leagues, Multiplayer contests, and Head-to-head matches. However you want to play, the choice is yours. Whether or not you start Collin Cowgill every game is also your choice, but I would not recommend it.

For a full list of rules and scoring information, head here. For more information on how to play, go here.

With the partnership between SB Nation and FanDuel, they are offering a one-day, $100,000 MLB tournament. The cost is $3 to enter, and the winner receives $8,000. If you want to enter and help us out at Let's Go Tribe, head over using our link and do so!