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Cleveland Indians add more local food to Progressive Field

Eat and drink your way around Cleveland during Tribe home games this season.

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The Cleveland Indians announced additional food and drink options at Progressive Field today, continuing its support of local restaurants. Fans will now be able to chug an Elliot Ness in the Great Lakes beer garden, slam made-to-order Momocho nachos into their faces, wash it down with The Brew Kettle's White Rajah, and then cement their status as a glutton by double-fisting a Fathead's Headwich and a Dante's Inferno pizza.

Keep in mind that baseball games will still be played as scheduled at Progressive Field despite its new status as Cleveland's finest food court. These latest additions join Melt, Barrio, Dynomite Burgers, Sweet Moses, Happy Dog, Ohio City Burrito, and Cleveland Pickle. Not every MLB team could showcase their local culinary talent with such variety; if the Cincinnati Reds committed themselves to bringing in popular local food options, there would be a Skyline Chili in every section. Just last season the Chicago Cubs finally admitted that Old Style is terrible and started offering Goose Island beers, though the craft selection is still limited.

With the recent upgrades to the Indians' ballpark — new video screen, a club behind home plate, better views from the concourse — Progressive Field may now be one of the best places to see a baseball game. Or, you know, spend any amount of time at all. At this point I would strongly consider renting a room inside of the stadium if they made one available. They wouldn't even have to build a new set of studios. Lay a down a nice area rug, put up some art, and install a dimmer switch, and all of the sudden that utility closet is a formidable bachelor's pad. Emphasis on bachelor.

Food isn't likely to get less expensive at ballgames any time soon, but having some of the best food in the region at your fingertips between innings is quite an upgrade from a $4.50 boiled Aramark bratwurst. Regardless, I recommend bringing a few extra dollars when coming to a ball game this summer and fall. Delicious food and a cold beer are irresistible companions to baseball, and the best options in the country are right here in Cleveland...

...and a writer, furiously gaining weight, may or may not be nestled somewhere in the depths of the stadium.