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Cleveland Indians GM Mike Chernoff talks baseball in reddit AMA

The new Tribe GM gives hope to lowly interns everywhere, and he admits that the Moneyball movie may have been a biiiit of an exagerration.

Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

Cleveland Indians general manager Mike Chernoff took to reddit today to answer questions on the fan-run Indians subreddit, /r/wahoostipi. To his credit, he answered quite a few questions with in-depth answers that -- while filled with a lot of PR speak -- contained a lot of good information for Tribe fans.

Nobody asked him what he thought of cereal on a hotdog, which seems like a waste of an AMA, but let's look at the rest of the highlights.

Hard to blame Mr. Chernoff for toeing the line here betweeen analytics and scouting. And, to be fair, the question asked probably does not have a perfect answer, anyway.

A good answer to see, and the Indians certainly demonstrated this last year with Francisco Lindor. Do not promote players based on an arbitrary player; when they are ready, they are ready. I like it.

TL;DR trades are really complicated.

The first half of this answer feels like mostly PR talk, but if you do not already know about Mr. Chernoff's tradition with his dad, you should really give Ken Rosenthal's column on it a read. Great stuff.

I can't blame Hollywood for glorifying trades a bit. Hard to make three straight hours of someone texting interesting, I guess.

I mean, what else is he going to say here? "Yeah, Tito is there but we don't really talk to that popsicle-eating weirdo."

Of course they communicate, but it's nice hearing that the two parts of the organization are close.

Will Venable low-key talking smack on his first day in a new job. I like it.

You hear that, unpaid data entry interns? Some day you could be managing the organization you currently work at for no pay. Probably not, but maybe.

Alternate way to ask this question: "Dolanz r cheep. How u get baseball plaiers with cheep?"

Come on, Mike, just say it's Tomlin so can we all go home.

"Write for a blog..." Is this your subtle way of saying you want me to offer me a job on the Indians? I accept.

By "people to follow him," I assume he mostly means Eric Wedge.