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FanPost Question of the Week: How do you fix the Cleveland Indians outfield?

Each week, we will be posting an open question for the community to answer in a FanPost. Get your ideas out there!

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Starting today, and every Tuesday going forward, we will be posting an open question meant to be answered by the Let's Go Tribe community in a FanPost. Want to get your opinions and ideas about the Cleveland Indians out there to the entire Let's Go Tribe community and hear what other people think about it? This is your chance.

This will always be a question that requires an answer longer than a simple sentence or two. Because this is the first post in this series, the comments will remain open for questions. After this, though, the comments on these posts will be closed -- answers will need to be put into a FanPost and the best ones will be front-paged and promoted out on social media.

So... on to this week's question!

How do you fix the Cleveland Indians outfield?

Heading into the offseason, the Indians biggest hole was in the outfield, specifically center field. Things only got worse when, over the course of four months, they lost star left fielder Michael Brantley to a shoulder injury and their center fielder Abraham Almonte received an 80-game suspension for PED use.

That brings up the question of... what now? Just yesterday it was reported that the Indians tried to sign Austin Jackson but failed, so we know they are at least still exploring options. But you could also make the argument that they do not need to look outside the organization to fill their outfield. Internal options competing for an outfield spot in spring training right now include Tyler Naquin, Rajai Davis, Michael Choice, Shane Robinson, Will Venable, Lonnie Chisenhall, Collin Cowgill, and Joey Butler.

Whether you think the Indians can fix their outfield situation with some combination of those players, or you think they need to go with an external option -- the choice is yours. Submit your full answer in a FanPost and let everyone know how you would GM the Indians in this situation.

If you do not know how to do a FanPost, it's easy! Follow our guide and you should be set.