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Carlos Carrasco talks Spring Training, how he got the nickname 'Cookie', and more in Twitter Q&A

Cookie took to Twitter to talk about cookies, of course.

David Maxwell/Getty Images

After finishing morning workouts, Cleveland Indians star pitcher Carlos Carrasco took over the team's official Twitter account to do a short question and answer session with fans. It was a pretty typical Q&A session as far as those go, but Chris Perez's name was mentioned on an official Indians account, which I never thought would happen again.

Until the world stops spinning, Carlos Carrasco will never have a Q&A without having to tell everyone his favorite cookie. I think at this point he should start mixing up the answers just to mess with everyone who keeps asking the same question over and over.

You know that kid in highschool who gave really terrible nicknames because they saw someone doing something one time? That kid was Chris Perez.

Bold move calling himself the funniest guy in the locker room. Let's see if it pans out.

I'm not going to argue. He must really like the Uribe signing, too.

More importantly, he taught Cookie how to be emotionless on the mound and dismantle his opponents through sheer force of will.

I smell a budding bromance.

Please, MLB. If there is any shred of humanity left in your cold, dead, corporate hearts, please let a grown man wear this in a Spring Training game.


Which is why it's okay for a pitcher to struggle early in Spring Training. Chill, people.

Wait, is he saying that starting pitchers get to choose what jerseys the home team wears? That's pretty awesome, I did not know that.

Can't wait to watch Bauer immitate his stance next season.


Cookie A'd several more Q's during the 10 minutes he spent talking to fans, which can be seen on the Indians Twitter timeline. And when his personal Twitter account, @Cookie_Carrasco, reaches 10,000 followers he will be giving away two tickets to the Indians opener on April 4.