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MLB Opening Day 2016: It's going to be really cold for the Cleveland Indians opener

Maybe wear a coat. And another coat.

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

We are officially fewer than 10 days away from Opening Day, which means that weather forecasts will soon be predicting the weather for when the Cleveland Indians take on the Boston Red Sox in Progressive Field. Weather can always change, but right now it doesn't look like it'll be pretty in Cleveland on April 4.

According to, we should be expecting somewhere between 30- and 35-degree weather with 18 miles-per-hour winds. If the current prediction holds true, it will be the first day in a week that Cleveland isn't expected to get some kind of precipitation, be it rain or snow. So there is a tiny silver lining, at least.

Accuweather is a bit more optimistic, with highs reaching the low-40s, but they also predict a 30 percent chance of rain and/or snow.

Cold weather tends to cause a lot potential home runs to die in the outfield, so whoever is starting in left field, Tyler Naquin, and Lonnie Chisenhall will have their work cut out for them if anyone on the Red Sox manages to get into a pitch from Corey Kluber.

It's easy to say that of course it will be cold because this is Cleveland in April. but the Indians have been pretty lucky with Opening Day weather in the last few years. Last year it reached as high as 70 on the April 10 home opener, and in 2014 it was as warm as 65 degrees. This year's home opener will likely be the coldest since 2012 when the temperature got as low as 35 degrees.

As someone who drove six hours to get a game in 2013 and had to buy a coat at one of the vendors outside the stadium, let me tell you -- just bring one. Your wallet will thank you.