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Cleveland Indians avoid Sports Illustrated cover curse

After jixing the team last season, Sports Illustrated is finally leaving the city of Cleveland alone.

Be gone, demons
Be gone, demons
Sports Illustrated

Last season around this time, Sports Illustrated went and ruined everything by picking the Cleveland Indians to win the World Series. The international sports magazine put a laughing Corey Kluber (which has to be photoshop) and Michael Brantley on its cover with the phrase "Wait 'Till This Year," a play on the common "Wait For Next Year" phrase that plagues Cleveland sports every time a team is juuuust a year away from winning it all.

The other teams on last year's 2015 MLB Preview were the Seattle Mariners, Kansas City Royals, and the Washington Nationals -- so at least they got one right.

Earlier today on Twitter, Sports Illustrated announced this year's round of covers, which thankfully does not include the Indians.

If last year is any indication, three of these fanbases are going to be extremely upset at the end of the year, and one of them will watch their star player get choked out by a reliever.

And, of course, when SI came crawling back trying to ask forgiveness after single-handedly ruining the Indians 2015 season the Tribe Twitter account was not having it.