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FanPost Question of the Week: How would you acquire Mike Trout?

Midnight kidnapping is not an option.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

In this week's FanPost question, you are tasked with helping the Cleveland Indians win a World Series and probably damaging the Los Angeles Angels for decades.

How would you make a fair trade for Mike Trout?

Just to make it even close to viable, let's pretend that Trout came out and demanded a trade and the Angels publicly admitted they were looking for suitors. Also, as an added incentive, the Indians brass is telling you behind-the-scenes that if you don't trade for Trout you're fired.

So, if you were the Indians front office, what kind of deal would you bring to the table in order to acquire the best player in the game today who could someday go down as the best player ever? Some kind of combination of major league talent plus a boatload of prospects could put the Indians into bidding range, especially if Trout is demanding a trade and the Angels are open to the idea.

Put your full thoughts into a FanPost, including a rationale for why the Indians would do the trade and why the Angels would even consider it. But remember to think semi-realistically. If you think Mike Clevinger, Bobby Bradley, and some cash would do it, by all means go ahead and put it into a FanPost, but don't expect a lot of agreements in your comment section.

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