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Lonnie Chisenhall in right field is no longer an experiment

dude will throw *you* out and *you* out and...

he also bats
he also bats
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday brought us some bad things, but also some very good things. For one, athletic males between the age of 20-40 started playing professional baseball games again. One of those men, the criminally underappreciated Carlos Santana, crushed a home run in his first 2016 AB. You can read Bastian's recap of said game here.

Indians News

• Lonnie Chisenhall threw out 2 runners yesterday. It's his first spring training as a right fielder, though I know a few of us wished they'd have tried this last spring. Lonnie offered to play a number of positions because he wanted to remain in the lineup.

• Don't get too excited about those Carlos Santana leading off rumblings... Terry Francona is unlikely to move him up to #1 in the order. This is fine with me. As nice as his OBP would be there, there's nothing wrong with how Jason Kipnis played as a leadoff hitter in 2015. Statistically, the front office's study doesn't seem to have been overly excited about the idea.

• Bruce Chen works in the Indians front office now—and it seems to be working out nicely.

Around MLB

• The Kansas City Royals signed their catcher Sal Perez to a 5-year extension. At his 2014 pace, he'd play 750 games over those 5 years. That's as nice as I can be, considering this is Royals news.

• MLB suspended Aroldis Chapman for 30 games. If it had been much longer, the Yankees would have gotten an extra year of control.