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Cleveland Indians LHP T.J. House is #OnTo2016 after undesirable 2015 season

Morning News and Notes, March 16, 2016

Tiger Junior.
Tiger Junior.
Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

Tribe manager Terry Francona was chatty yesterday. Which is good news for us, as it gives us some things to talk about. Not all of those things are awesome, but Giovanny Urshela's home runs certainly are.

Indians Notes

Tribe's House healthy, happy after trying 2015 |

It's great to hear that things are looking up for T.J. House, who had as strange a 2015 as the Indians' 81 victories compared to their 93 third-order wins. Hopefully he's got a few more games of dominance over the Twins in that left arm of his.

Indians manager Terry Francona, on Lindor using sacrifice bunts to move runners | Twitter

Tito remains aware that Francisco Lindor is bunting. And it still sounds like he isn't completely opposed to it.

Postgame thoughts from Indians manager Terry Francona | Twitter

It wasn't just Fran Lindor that Francona talked about yesterday. His praise for Michael Martinez is a bit concerning, in the sense that if everything goes right, we'll have no reason to want him on the team. It's good that Urshela continues to hit, though. Hopefully his back is as innocuous as Tito implies.

Cleveland Indians Mean Tweets Vol. 2 |

Everyone else is liking to it, so why not join the party? I think you'll agree that last year's was way better.

Around Baseabll

• The Royals had a 48-hour window where Dillon Gee could opt out of his contract. I was hoping he would and go on to pitch 200 solid innings this season for someone else, but they added him to the 40-man roster to avoid it.

• The White Sox saved 13 million dollars yesterday because Adam LaRoche is retiring. Why oh why couldn't Nick Swisher have done this a couple years ago?

• Jeff Sullivan has a favorite waiver claim. And the man's name is Andrew Triggs. Dude's definitely got a unique delivery for that kind of pitch to come out of.

• Mark Shapiro has been building Toronto's depth this offseason.

• Former Indians and Mets executive Paul DePodesta would like to tell you how to run a football team.