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FanPost Question of the Week: What's your best player interaction story?

Have you had a ball signed by a player? Or have you ever met someone in the tunnel after a game and had them throw a jersey on you before they awkwardly downed a full bottle of Coca-Cola while you shuffled away?

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

This week's question of the week steps away from trying to be analytical into being purely anecdotal: What is your best player interaction story? It could be something that happened as a kid or as an adult, just tell us -- in a FanPost -- what your favorite personal story you have about interacting with a major league (or minor league) ball player.

If you grew up in a city with a major league baseball team, I am sure you had all kinds of access to players and fun ways to interact with them. At least, that's what 11-year-old me assumed when I was stuck in city two hours from the nearest baseball town.

This does not have to be Indians related at all, but obviously, if you have a touching story about an interaction with a player that made you into an Indians fan, that would make for a great post.

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Thanks to PaulHoynes'Mustache and TribeGuy1997 for participating in the first FanPost Question of the Week last week!


As always, the comments on this particular post will be closed. We want to hear your stories in a full-fledged FanPost where there is no character limit. If you need any help with creating a FanPost, follow our guide.