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2016 LGT Prediction Contest: Yan Gomes

Will The Yanimal rebound in 2016?

Yan Gomes, defender of photography backdrops.
Yan Gomes, defender of photography backdrops.
Rob Tringali/Getty Images

This post is part of a series allowing the LGT community to weigh in with their predictions for projected starters and key bench players for the 2016 season. As usual, there will be two separate contests, one for hitters and one for pitchers. Following last year's scoring model, the points system will work relative to the stats - the closer to final number in each category, the more points you can earn, despite what other participants predict. You need not submit predictions for every single player in order to win, but doing so will increase your chances to win.

For position players, you'll be asked to predict each player's plate appearances (PA), home runs (HR), stolen bases (SB), batting average (AVG), on-base percentage (OBP), and slugging percentage (SLG).

Comments for each post will remain active until the night of Sunday, April 3rd, 2015.

Yan Gomes

2015 was not kind to our Yanimal, who suffered an injury early and then struggled to bounce back to true form all year. Though, all told, he still found himself to be worth nearly a full win by season's end.

Yan Gomes 2016 Prediction

Courtesy of FanGraphs

Writer's Prediction

I say nonsense on the ZiPS and steamer projections. I can see the hesitance for the computer to return a full return to 2014 numbers, but splitting the difference seems week. The power numbers, in particular seem to be off. Not sure how they come to only 14 HRs after an injury-shortened season gave way 12. Maybe it's just my human heart and my deep, undying love for all things Yan Gomes, but I don't see 2016 shaping up much more like 2014 for Mr. Gomes, though with a few more breathers in there for the emerging Roberto Perez to spell him.

PA: 495
HR: 19
SB: 1
AVG: .271
OBP: .309
SLG: .454

Your Turn

You can just totally make up random numbers but if you'd rather a more statistically accurate approach, you can use these calculators to help you get there:

To submit your entry, simply copy and paste the text below into a new comment and fill in your predictions!