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N&N: Baseball is back!

Morning news & notes for Tuesday, March 1, 2016.

"Come on, Yan.  Ever since Lonnie left, I've had no one to dance with."
"Come on, Yan. Ever since Lonnie left, I've had no one to dance with."
Jason Miller/Getty Images

The last time that the Tribe played a baseball game, the date was October 4, 2015.  Salazar went 5.1 innings to get the win and complete the sweep of the Boston Red Sox.  Sadly, the postseason would be played away from Cleveland.  It's been a long winter, but now, on this fine Tuesday, the Cleveland Indians will take the field again to kick off the 2016 campaign!...well, kind of.  Sure, this is just a spring training game that will, in the grand scheme of things, have minimal impact on the success or failure of the Indians in 2016.  But, regardless, we'll get to kick back and listen to Hammy call some more Indians baseball as we all get excited for the prospect of another magical run.  Here's to a fantastic season, Tribe fans!

Indians news

  • First lineup card of the Spring has Tyler Naquin in center field | Let's Go Tribe
    The first Tribe game of Spring Training will be on later today at 3:05pm EST.  The lineup card for the first game (well, at least the first few innings of the first game) has been released, and the Little Cowboy will be the first starter to make his case for a spot in the MLB rotation.  Call in sick to work and celebrate, everyone!

  • Gomes aiming for big bounce-back season | MLB
    The Cleveland Indians may have stopped playing baseball in early October last year, but one member of the Tribe continued to hammer away in the batting cages for a few more weeks.  Yan Gomes, sidelined in 2015 by an injury, is working overtime to get back to being one of the best offensive catchers in baseball.  Thankfully, it will be almost impossible for Rajai Davis to slide into the Yanimal again this season.  But, it is Cleveland, so anything is possible.

  • Cleveland Indians unchain closer Cody Allen so he can prepare for regular season |
    Last spring, closer Cody Allen was held back during spring training in order to protect his arm from the immense amount of innings that he was sure to log in the regular reason.  This time around, Commander Cody is hitting hard and fast right out of the gate.

Around The League

  • John Farrell of the Boston Red Sox has returned to the dugout for the first time since announcing his cancer diagnosis in August of 2015.  Baseball feelings/rivalries aside, I'm extremely happy to see that Farrell is back and healthy.  Cancer is a hell that no one should have to deal with; welcome back, John.
  • It looks like Troy Tulowitzki may still be a little bitter about the "country club" he left in Colorado.
  • It looks like the Yankees are puzzled in trying to figure out their newest bullpen acquisition, Aroldas Chapman.
And finally, after not having pitched in an MLB game since 8/9/14, Yu Darvish was back on the mound.  According to this tweet, things seem to be going well:

And now, let's get ready for the 2016 Cleveland Indians!