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Constructing a Cleveland Indians lineup from free agent rumors

What if the Indians signed every free agent they were linked to this offseason?

The Cleveland Indians may not have made many big acquisitions this offseason, but they sure were involved in a lot of free agent rumors. So many so, that I believe we could make an entire roster and lineup based off the potential signings the Indians were linked to in the media.

This hypothetical lineup and roster will include all free agent rumors, regardless of if that player has been signed by another team. Trade rumors and players already signed by the Indians are not included on this list, however.

The roster

Third base: Juan Uribe

The Indians were linked to third baseman Juan Uribe as far back as November 9 when ESPN’s Buster Olney said the Indians could be interested in veteran free agents just looking for playing time.

Uribe has spent the majority of his career playing third base, and he would be an instant offensive upgrade over Giovanny Urshela.

Shortstop: Juan Uribe

The Indians were reportedly heavily interested in third baseman Juan Uribe in early January, with Buster Olney stating the Indians had been pursuing him for months at this point.

While Uribe has not played significant time at shortstop since 2010, he has played the position in the past.

Second base: Juan Uribe

During a Facebook Q&A, ESPN’s Buster Olney responded to a fan question about the Indians and their potential link to third baseman Juan Uribe. His response was that the Indians would "love to sign Uribe," but the team likely will not spend much money.

Uribe has not spent much more time than a backup at second base, but his versatility and the Indians lack of other free agent rumors means he would be a perfect fit here.

First base: Juan Uribe

On February 2, ESPN’s Buster Olney tweeted that the Indians were interested in third baseman Juan Uribe. Why the Indians would want to play him at first base is a mystery, but the 36-year-old has spent four games playing the position so I’m sure he has it down to a science at this point.

Catcher: Juan Uribe

In late January, Ken Rosenthal tweeted that the Indians could be interested in veteran free agent third baseman Juan Uribe. Uribe has never played a single game at catcher in his career, but he has the grit and determination to do anything he puts his mind to.

Left field: Will Venable

Just prior to the Winter Meetings, the Cleveland Indians were reportedly showing interest in free agent outfielder Will Venable. The veteran outfielder is showing signs of a steady decline (particularly in his strikeout rate), but he would come at an affordable contract for the Tribe.

Center field: Juan Uribe

In early January, Paul Hoynes of the Cleveland Plains Dealer postulated that the Indians could be targeting free agent third baseman Juan Uribe. For the unaware, Juan Uribe was part of the New York Mets astonishing World Series run last year, and could provide the Indians with a warm body in center field.

Right field: Juan Uribe

In late January, Paul Hoynes tweeted that the Indians would "prefer Uribe" when another Twitter user asked him if the Indians could potentially sign third baseman David Freese.

One little-known fact about Uribe: Several MLB The Show players have been known to play him in right field when they are left with no other options. Look for Uribe to use this as inspiration to play the position effectively for the Tribe.

Starting pitcher: Juan Uribe

I just tweeted the name Juan Uribe. He has been known to throw a baseball and have it land in the desired location, so the ability to be a starting pitcher could exist.

Potential batting order

With all of these free agent signings under our belt, here is what kind of lineup we could expect.

1. Uribe
2. Uribe
3. Uribe
4. Uribe
5. Venable
6. Uribe
7. Uribe
8. Uribe
9. Uribe

With this setup, the Indians could rely on Juan Uribe's career .303 on-base percentage to set the stage with the leadoff hitter, then the .421 career slugging percentage of Juan Uribe to hit Juan Uribe and Juan Uribe home. Will Venable in the fifth slot ensures a right-left-right order in the heart of the lineup.