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Akron RubberDucks' 2016 promo schedule includes a Willie Mays Hayes bobblehead giveaway

Don't steal home without it.

Major League, Paramount Pictures
Major League, Paramount Pictures

Major league giveaways are all well and good, but for my money nothing is better than minor league promos. Whether it’s weird jersey they make players wear or the random things they give away, minor league teams need to more to get fans’ attention, and it usually results in a lot of fun nights.

As one example of that, the Akron RubberDucks -- the Cleveland Indians’ Double-A affiliate -- are giving away a Willie Mays Hayes bobblehead this year as part of their 2016 promotional schedule.

The first 1,000 fans to attend the RubberDucks home game on June 25 will be able to take home their own model of Hayes, who was portrayed by Wesley Snipes in 1989’s Major League. The Milwaukee Brewers also released their own Major League-related bobblehead last year with a talking Harry Doyle giveaway on July 21. Unfortunately, it does not appear the Mays Hayes bobblehead will talk.

Akron is also spending a few days to pay tribute to some ‘90s Adam Sandler movies. On May 28, the team will be giving away a bobblehead of Happy Madison's Shooter McGavin, as well as welcoming Christopher McDonald as a special guest. For all your Miss Lippy fans out there (all dozens of you), the RubberDucks will also be giving away Miss Lippy bobblehead on their Billy Madison night August 27.

And don’t forget to bring out the kids for some post-game midget wrestling on August 25. Minor league baseball is the best.

(h/t Yahoo! Sports)