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NRI catcher Jeremy Lucas wins Indians endurance test, but it might be a former catcher leading off in 2016

Tito might be putting an OBP machine atop his lineup

No, Carlos. You.
No, Carlos. You.
Jason Miller/Getty Images

Spring training is heating up, which means there's more to read and talk about! The Orioles are doing their part to keep the offseason alive, however. Now, read on, even though 99% of us would fail one of Baltimore's physicals!

Indians News

• Indians position players had an endurance test. Francisco Lindor was last year's champ and tried repeating. Somebody named Jeremy Lucas would have none of that, though. Lucas, an NRI, has played as high as AA Akron. He OPSed .617 last season in 269 plate appearances there.

• Mr. Francona once again spoke of the possibility of Carlos Santana leading off. Carlos is willing.

• August Fagerstrom created this document that will help you shoot down idiots who think Santana is bad at baseball. The Indians are already putting it to use.

• Trevor Bauer took some time away from baseball this offseason and it seems to have done him some good. If he posts a 2.50 ERA this season, our entire team will be building drones next offseason as part of #thenextmarketinefficiency. –

• For now, Zach Walters is strictly an outfielder. Better than strictly being a striker outer.

• Tyler Naquin is healthy enough that Francona picked him to win the endurance test. He didn't win, though. So there goes that? Maybe?

Around the league

• The Orioles agreed to sign Dexter Fowler for 3 years at $35 million. I didn't say "signed" because, well, #Orioles...

• Baltimore might not be signing Yovani Gallardo after all because of health concerns raised during his physical. So it's still up in the air whether they'll be giving up 1 draft pick, 2—or none if both fail their physicals.

• I'm not sure what part of this I hate more... the use of the phrase "Math sites" or Dave Stewart's misunderstanding of what types of things are "impossible."

• WATCH OUT, INDIANS! The Tigers signed Casey McGehee to a MILB contract.

We end with this

And finally, a video of some guy batting that you may find to be worth 16 seconds of your day