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MLB put together a defensive highlight reel on Facebook, but they forgot someone

I'm not upset at you, MLB, I'm just disappointed.

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Blatantly robbing Francisco Lindor of his American League Rookie of the Year award and giving it to some guy in Houston is one thing, but now Major League Baseball has gone too far.

The official MLB Facebook page released a highlight video showing a series of great defensive plays from last season in order to hype fans up for 2016. Cool, right? Everyone loves seeing defensive gems, and as Indians fans, we saw several from last season. Surely our very own Francisco Lindor or even Giovanny Urshela would have a spot or two in a video meant to excite fans based on exciting defensive plays.


The video in question, which MLB made it so cannot be embedded (I assume out of shame), shows a series of infield throws, mostly from shortstops and third basemen, but they left out a certain shortstop.

Robbed, I tell you. Robbed.

Even if MLB wanted to go with a very specific type of defensive play -- the spinning, jumping throw -- Giovanny Urshela had one better than anything in their highlight reel.

In order to show our disgust for these omissions, I call on Indians fans to boycott all regular season Indians games until, oh, I don't know, let's pick a random date. How about April 4, at around 4:09 p.m. EST. Right up until then, refuse to watch a regular season baseball game and show the MLB you won't take this kind of injustice anymore.

You really screwed up, MLB, but it's not too late to fix this. Dedicate an entire day of Facebook posts to nothing but Francisco Lindor highlights and maybe all can be forgiven. No guarantees though.