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Jason Kipnis discusses Francisco Lindor and new rule changes

Nothing but nice things to say . . .

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Here's to a great week!

Can Tribe survive without Michael Brantley (Hoynes / Meisel)

A video of our favorites Hoynes and Meisel discussing the Indians outfield situation without Brantley.  The outfield in April and early May could absolutely be an issue, especially offensively, so here's hoping Brantley is back soon.  Also of note, this video features an amazing background.

Kipnis discusses Lindor and rule changes (MLB Network Radio)

A radio interview here, featuring Jason Kipnis discussing his infield partner and the second base rule changes.

Fernandez wants big money (Jackson)

Rumor has it that the Miami Marlins expect star pitcher Jose Fernandez to seek up to $30 million a year when he becomes a free agent.  Will they spend big on him after signing Giancarlo Stanton to a huge deal?  I think Fernandez's name will be very active in trade rumors this season.

Jose Bautista hasn't had to pay for a meal since bat flip (Birenbaum)

Seems that was a pretty popular home run north of the border.  It will be extremely tough I think for Mark Shapiro and the Blue Jays to let Bautista, who is in the last year of his contract, walk after the season.

New protective hats on the way for pitchers (Hatch)

The large, cumbersome protective hats haven't caught on much around the league, as few pitchers have actually worn them in games.  A new type of hat will debut during spring training and at least twenty pitchers plan on testing them out.

A look at some of the best baseball video games (Ward)

Major League Baseball from 1988 and for the Nintendo got robbed.  From Ward:

1. MVP Baseball 2005

EA Sports' last venture into Major League Baseball was (and in many circles, still is) considered to be the best baseball experience to have released. Its intricate franchise mode could theoretically extend for 120 seasons, involving setting prices on concessions, building/upgrading a new stadium, and managing three levels of the minor leagues in addition to the major league roster. It also happened to have a pretty decent soundtrack.