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Cleveland Indians barely miss top 10 in Keith Law's 2016 farm system rankings

Could be worse, they could be White Sox.

Elsa/Getty Images

Earlier today, ESPN’s Keith Law released his ranking of every baseball team's farm system($), and the Cleveland Indians fared quite well. They just missed out on a top-10 ranking, but considering where this farm system was just a few years ago they are in good shape.

Law ranks the Tribe system as 11th overall with four farm hands in his top 100 prospects list. Here is what he had to say:

This is a system full of projectable young, high-ceiling arms and topped off with a couple of very promising bats, but somewhat light on potential impact for 2016. I liked their 2015 draft, which focused on those projection high-school pitchers over guys who throw hard now but might not have the same athleticism or repeatable deliveries.

Those "projection high-school pitchers" he is speaking of likely includes Triston McKenzie and Juan Hillman, two pitchers fresh out of high school who the Indians selected with their second and third selections of the 2015 draft, respectively. While not technically out of high-school, Brady Aiken is only 19 years old and considered one of the highest-ceiling pitchers in the Tribe farm system.

Last year, Law had the Indians farm system pegged at 16th overall and that was with Francisco Lindor still in the minors.

The Indians were Law’s second-highest American League Central team in his 2016 rankings. Only the Minnesota Twins were better at third overall while the next closest team behind the Tribe was the Chicago White Sox at 22nd overall, then the Kansas City Royals at 23rd, and finally the Detroit Tigers at 26th.