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Cleveland Indians News and Notes: Date set for Tribe Fest

Morning News and Notes, December 8, 2016

Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Two big Indians news items yesterday, neither of which came from the Winter Meetings. First, the Indians have set the date for Tribe Fest, a day of hope and fun in the midst of the bleakness of winter. Second, the playoff shares have been set and each player getting a full share gets to cash a check for a cool quarter million. Meanwhile, the White Sox stepped up their rebuilding effort by dealing Adam Eaton.

Indians News

Cleveland Indians 2017 Tribe Fest set for Jan. 28 at Intercontinental Hotel | - Fans of the 2016 American League Champion Cleveland Indians will have a chance to meet and interact with players, coaches and alumni during the team's fifth-annual TribeFest set for 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Jan. 28, 2017 at the Intercontinental Hotel, on the Cleveland Clinic campus.

Indians stand out in rebuilding AL Central | - Looking to the future seems to be the sudden trend within the AL Central. The Twins are in a transitional phase with a new front office, the Royals' window appears to be closing, the Tigers have hefty contracts they would like to move, and the White Sox have started the rebuilding process. The lone exception is the AL-champion Indians, who are built to win now and conceivably for the next several seasons.

Rajai Davis still on Cleveland Indians' radar plus 4 quick hits from MLB winter meetings | - If Brantley is fine, the need for Davis decreases. If he isn't, then Davis could fill as big a role as he did last year.

Cleveland Indians stay humble as AL Central crumbles around them | - For the third time in two days an important player has left the AL Central. If the Indians aren't cheering out loud, they're quietly rubbing their hands together in delight.

Cleveland Indians players distribute $18.4 million in postseason shares | - Indians players, who reached Game 7 of the World Series before losing to the Cubs, will split $18.4 million from the players' postseason playoff pool. A full share for the AL pennant winners is $261,804.15.

Devil's Advocate: A case against the Cleveland Indians signing Edwin Encarnacion - Cleveland - Scout - The possibility of the Indians making a splash and signing free agent Edwin Encarnacion excites many fans. But would it truly be a smart move?

Tahnaj Thomas joins the Cleveland Indians | The Tribune - Tahnaj Thomas, a Grand Bahamian native who moved to New Providence at the age of 13 to further enhance his skills, is the latest Bahamian to sign a professional baseball contract.

Around the League

White Sox trade Adam Eaton to Nationals for return including Lucas Giolito

Yankees sign Aroldis Chapman for 5/$86

Royals trade Wade Davis to Cubs for Jorge Soler