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News and Notes: Free agent present under the tree for Tribe fans

Merry Christmas, Tribe fans.

Chernofetti Claus delivered early this year.
Chernofetti Claus delivered early this year.
Leon Halip/Getty Images

The Indians signing Edwin Encarnacion is like getting that dream present you didn't think was possible under the tree on Christmas morning. And you can't shoot your eye out with this present.

Cleveland Signs Edwin Encarnacion | FanGraphs Baseball

Fangraphs now has the Indians projected as the AL's best team, sneaking past Boston with the Encarnacion signing. Of course, games aren't won based on what the projections say, but it's nice to see regardless.

Little Mermaid and Santa Claus can't stop Cleveland Indians from landing Edwin Encarnacion |

Chris Antonetti was at The Little Mermaid, while EE's agent was at Six Flags when the deal was made.

Cleveland Indians have Terry Talkin' Edwin Encarnacion, payroll, fans -- Terry Pluto |

Cleveland Indians win waiting game as they sign Edwin Encarnacion -- Terry Pluto |

Pluto gives some background on both the deal itself and the financial situation the Indians were in.

MLB News

Rangers trying to sign free agent Mike Napoli |

With Encarnacion signing, I'd expect the remaining 1B/DH free agents to sign quickly, starting with Mike Napoli.

Ender Inciarte Is Staying in Atlanta a Little Longer | FanGraphs Baseball

John Hart signed his veteran pitchers, and now he's signing a core player to a long-term contract. It's like he's done this before.