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Indians add Goody and Collabello; is Ross next?

I think we may have had success picking up a pitcher from the SD organization once before

Regularly scheduled setback?
Regularly scheduled setback?
Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

We start out by documenting the Indians' newest Offseason Bullpen Arm Witch Hunt. This time, the Indians have added Goody, Nick—and given their track record with these things, Goody will probably be a solid addition to the Callaway  School of Pitching Witchcraft.

Related: All the jobs Mickey could have left us for are taken now, right? Woooo! (Correct me if I'm wrong and give me one more thing to worry about.)

• We continue by discussing a possible future Indian, but not in too much detail because Mateo will have more on this Tyson Ross fellow in two hours. Could Tyson be our first MLB FA addition of the winter?

• And now a likelier future Indian, as the Indians’ rumored MiLB signing of Chris Collabello is now collabellOfficial.

Around baseball

• The Phillies traded for Clay Buchholz yesterday. In exchange, Boston got Josh Tobias out of Philadelphia’s momentary minor league FIRE……………sale. Boston fans weren't only happy about the heavily discounted boutique goods, they were also thrilled that Buchholz was on the outs. The Phillies will even pay Clay's salary! How nice of them.

• Daniel Hudson's deal with the Pirates is something we should all be happy about
• The Padres are showing interest in Jake Peavy, which would be great for nostalgia purposes

• Endy Chavez is somehow still robbing home runs

End scene.