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Cleveland Indians acquire Nick Goody from Yankees


MLB: Baltimore Orioles at New York Yankees
RHP Nick Goody
Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Indians made another small move today by acquiring RHP Nick Goody from the Yankees:

Goody, 24, was drafted by the Yankees in 2012 in the 6th round. He worked his way through the New York minor league system and made his MLB debut on July 30, 2015 against the Texas Rangers. He had a bit more playing time in 2016 for the Yankees, pitching in 27 games and throwing a total of 29.0 innings. His ERA for last season wasn’t good (4.66), and his xFIP was slightly worse (4.73). He walks a lot of batters (3.72 BB/9 in 2016), but he also strikes a decent amount of guys out as well (10.55 K/9 in 2016).

According to Brooks Baseball, Goody relies primarily on a fourseam fastball (92 MPH) and a slider (83 MPH). Both pitches result in a lot of fly balls, which could be problematic for the Tribe if the outfield situation doesn’t get sorted out soon.

Goody has had a decent amount of success in the minors, so there’s a chance that the Cleveland staff thinks that they can help him translate that success to the major league level. If anyone can do it, it’s Mickey Callaway. That being said, don’t expect Goody to be the linchpin to the bullpen; this is a “grab every available reliever and see who sticks” move.