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How valuable is the Cleveland Indians' 25th overall pick?

Morning news and notes for Sunday, December 18, 2016.

Would you give up a first round pick to sign this guy?
Would you give up a first round pick to sign this guy?
Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

Indians News

Cleveland Indians have Terry Talkin' free-agent hitters, value of draft picks -- Terry Pluto |

Getting beyond the actual players (which we've gone over ad nauseum), the Indians would give up their first-round pick (25th overall) if they sign Encarnacion, Bautista, or even Trumbo (the Indians wouldn't give up that pick if they re-sign Mike Napoli). Because of the new CBA, this would be the last time it would even be possible for the Indians to forfeit a pick in the first round. This probably isn't helping the few remaining power hitters on the market. As Pluto notes, the Indians signed Napoli in early January, so we could be waiting for a while yet.

MLB News

White Sox avoid arbitration with Jose Abreu |

With Eaton and Sale traded, Abreu (along with Quintana) are the two most valuable trade chips left for the White Sox, but I think they'll end up keeping both players, at least to start the season.

Marlins agree with Brad Ziegler on 2-year deal |

The deal is supposedly worth $16M. It's a good time to be a reliever.

MLBPA Puerto Rico tour gala honors Clemente |

Lots of current and former Indians among the people on the tour: Francisco Lindor, Sandy Alomar, Eduardo Perez, and Dennis Martinez.

If You Vote for Vlad, You Have to Vote for Walker | FanGraphs Baseball

I agree, but with only 10 slots available and more than 10 deserving players, a lot of voters will only have room for one of them.