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Sporcle Sunday: Last offseason’s post-Winter Meetings additions

The Indians have done things in December and January before, I swear it.

Texas Rangers v Cleveland Indians Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

At this point, if you called me a liar for telling you that the Indians were probably going to sign someone before February rolls around I might believe you. The offseason always drags on — even more so when your team is not doing a whole lot.

There may be a good reason for the Indians still being quiet, though. If Mike Chernoff and Chris Antonetti still have a toe in the Edwin Encarnacion pool, it would not make much financial sense to go out and sign another first baseman/designated hitter type. And considering that is the only need they seem to be addressing with major-league deals this offseason, there is not much else for them to do.

Last year was a different story, though. The Indians were involved in almost every trade rumor imaginable if it involved a starting pitcher. There was this idea that the Indians had to trade a starting pitcher for a bat following the 2015 season, so naturally other teams were calling them. Thankfully the Indians turned every single one of them down.

As I have said many times this offseason, there is still more to come after the Winter Meetings. News will be spread further out, but it will still exist. Which brings me to this week’s Sporcle Sunday. Look back at last season again at what the Indians did following the Winter Meetings. Practically everything was done after the yearly gathering, although some of it was done to this point in December already.

So. Can you name all the post-Winter Meetings additions the Indians made just one year ago? Remember, last season’s Winter Meetings concluded with the Rule 5 draft on December 10. So anyone added (or anyone who at least received an invite to spring training) between then and Opening Day (April 3) is fair game. Good luck.