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Terry Francona named a Cleveland Newsmaker of the Year

Morning News and Notes, December 17, 2016

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Terry Francona was one of ten chosen as Newsmaker of the Year for 2016 by Crain's Cleveland Business. The Indians made a whole lot of news this year, business and otherwise. Wahoo's on First is on record saying that Francona should, essentially, be retained until he chooses to retire. Might that be going a bit too far? What do you think?

Indians News

Newsmaker of the Year: Terry Francona - Crain's Cleveland Business - A lot of the credit for the Tribe's scintillating postseason went to Francona, whose deft management of the club's terrific bullpen shortened games and negated many of the disadvantages caused by injuries.

Cleveland Indians should retain Terry Francona until he decides to retire - The Cleveland Indians were lucky to sign Terry Francona back in 2013, and should let the manager coach the team until he decides to call it quits.

Indians aid prospects after Lucroy nixes deal | - "There were a whole lot of unknowns," Allen said. "When I saw he had vetoed the trade, I obviously didn't really know what was going to happen next, if there was going to be a counter offer or different things like that. It was pretty crazy to be a part of."

Need to negotiate a contract? Ask someone from the Cleveland Indians to help you - Crain's Cleveland Business - The Ringer breaks down the 25 worst contracts in baseball, from the perspective of the players who signed them, and two of them belong to key members of the Cleveland Indians' starting rotation.

A Small Way for Cleveland to Improve Their Outfield | FanGraphs Baseball - Fangraphs makes the case for Brett Gardner in the Indians' outfield.

What Do MLB Managers Think Of Cleveland's Postseason Bullpen Usage? - “During the postseason, as we watched the games and we saw these managers using their elite arms in the higher leverage situation but in earlier innings, we talked a lot internally in the office about whether we thought that was something that might become more mainstream during the regular season,” Philadelphia Phillies general manager Matt Klentak said during the Winter Meetings

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