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Francisco Lindor Named Sports Illustrated Rising Star of the Year

Morning news and notes for Wednesday, December 14, 2016.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Francisco Lindor was chosen as the 2016 Sports Illustrated Rising Star of the Year, which is something that is hard to argue with. You may recognize some of the other people who were honored that night in New York City. Here is Lindor joking with David Ortiz, who would be hard pressed to be a worse umpire than the ones we've got now.

Other news

• The Indians will use Chief Wahoo even less next year, which is the right move, even if I never want to see its usage hit zero.

• Here is a rough WAR estimate for the 2017 Indians. It unfortunately includes Jesus Aguilar.

• The Brewers "acquired C Jett Bandy from the Angels in exchange for C Martín Maldonado and RHP Drew Gagnon." Maldonado was known as the "Latin Godfather" by Milwaukee's writers.

Itty Bitty Things

• Some teams are better than others at avoiding awful players. (Sometimes, Michael Martinez makes the final out of your season—and sometimes he doesn't.)

• LGFT Ryan Webb will be in Milwaukee on a Minor League deal.

• The Nationals added "Tiny" Tim Collins and Jacob Turner. I always enjoyed Tim’s presence on the Royals, since the Indians had no problem hitting him.

• The Dodgers added Tyler Holt, who has always been pretty bad at professional baseball.

• Texas’s signing of Carlos Gomez is now official.

Here's this, if you feel like reading about the Angels.