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Let's Talk Tribe Podcast Ep. 54: Terrible opinions

A Winter Meetings recap, Indians players in the WBC, the need (or lack of need) for a LHP, Jose Ramirez unblocked us, your questions, and more!

What an exciting week! Not really for Cleveland Indians fans, but for everyone else whoo boy it was fun. The Chicago White Sox completely rebuilt their farm system, which is both good and (mostly) bad for the Indians and the Boston Red Sox improved to a scary degree. As for Tribe news, Jose Ramirez unblocked us! And... uh... well... hey the WBC is right around the corner.

The Indians probably are not going to sign Edwin Encarnacion or anyone exciting for that matter. Both Jason and I more than okay with that. The Tribe's payroll is getting more expensive, just not in a fun free agent kind of way. More like a keeping your young core together kind of way. We give our in-depth thoughts on that.


The White Sox are rebuilding, the Royals are probably rebuilding, and the Tigers are hanging on by a thread. The AL Central is wide open for the Indians, and they probably do not need a $100 million player to seize it, even if the rest of the American League is going to be incredibly tough.

Our listener questions this week include @chris_d_davies who wants to know about Jose Ramirez's rapping ability, @sss_joshnelson who wants to if we already ordered our AL Central champion shirts, @lenseaman who wants to know what we would do in a crucial game situation, @witmibbal wants to know who will fall off a cliff and who will surge next season and finally, @m_schlesh wants to know if Jason Kipnis prefers Moe's Southern Grill or Chipotle. The eternal question.

This week's episode clocks in at 53 minutes. Thanks for listening!