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Chris Antonetti is (properly) not going to build a team through free agency

You mean you don't want to hand out $150M to Jeremy Hellickson and Carlos Gomez, Chris? SHAME ON YOU!

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

As hard as I tried to get calendar printers to remove all future November Wednesdays from their products, here we are, solemnly trying to get through another of them without crying.

• Danny Salazar is just as sad as we are but is also #OnTo2017.

• Building a team through free agency is not something Chris Antonetti wants to do—and for good reason. Full article

• Francisco Lindor is a gold glove finalist at SS. And 2B, 3B, CF and LF. Because he's that good.

Apparently Francisco Lindor is also the gold glove winner at SS. MLB must really hate attention if they chose to announce this last night.

• Unsurprisingly, Brandon Guyer is very very very bruised.

Around baseball

• The Marlins declined Fernando Rodney's option for 2017. Do not want.

• Mark Shapiro's Blue Jays really want to retain Edwin Encarnacion.

• The Red Sox have interest in Carlos Beltran.

• And the Yankees are considering Kansas City's Kendrys Morales.