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Help the Indians get back to the World Series with your own offseason plan

Want to trade for Mike Trout or even do something that makes sense? The baseball world is your baseball oyster.

MLB: ALCS-Toronto Blue Jays at Cleveland Indians Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

It’s that time of year again. Teams are considering free agents, trades, and all kinds of other offseason goodness. That’s well and good for MLB teams but the rest of us are desperate for #content left without much to do until shoes start to drop. Before that happens, why not submit your own plan for the Indians in the offseason?

Like last year and the year before it, this is your chance to put some thought into what the Indians should do, but it into text for, and have it open to the Let’s Go Tribe community to give their feedback and thoughts.

Make it as realistic or as weird as you want. Think the Indians should trade everyone for Mike Trout? Go for it. Think they should just sign a couple impact players and keep the main core of the team intact? Also good. At least try to keep it semi-realistic, though. No, the Detroit Tigers will not accept Jeff Manship for Miguel Cabrera. Sorry.

All submissions should be entered as a FanPost. Comments are open for questions or other discussion, but anything submitted there will be deleted. I’ll do it. Watch me. I’m crazy.

Title: [Insert your username]'s Offseason Plan

Arbitration-eligible (with projected salaries from MLBTR):

  • Bryan Shaw (5.081) – $4.5MM
  • Chris Gimenez (4.163) – $1.2MM
  • Lonnie Chisenhall (4.158) – $4.1MM
  • Zach McAllister (4.077) – $1.7MM
  • Cody Allen (4.076) – $7.7MM
  • Brandon Guyer (4.066) – $2.0MM
  • Jeff Manship (3.130) – $1.2MM
  • Dan Otero (3.124) – $1.2MM
  • Michael Martinez (3.104) – $600K
  • Danny Salazar (2.162) – $3.8MM
  • Trevor Bauer (2.158) – $3.7MM

Feel free to explain if/why any of these guys were particularly tough decisions for you.


Feel free to propose any potential trades that you think sound reasonable for both sides, and the rationale behind them. If you've got a realistic hypothetical that includes the Indians picking up Mike Trout, I'm all ears, but be sure to do your best to keep things plausible here.

The 25-man roster and a summary:

Here's is the Tribe's current roster. Not all of those guys will be with the organization come 2015, much less on the active roster. Feel free to list your projected Opening Day 25-man roster, maybe even with a handy depth chart:

  • SP1:
  • SP2:
  • SP3:
  • SP4:
  • SP5:
  • Bullpen:
  • C:
  • 1B:
  • 2B:
  • 3B:
  • SS:
  • LF:
  • CF:
  • RF:
  • DH:
  • Bench:

Hey you, person about to post your plan in the comments. Stop that. Make it a FanPost instead.