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Indians news and notes: A weak FA class could mean big money for Yoenis Cespedes

Morning news and notes for Tuesday, November 8, 2016.

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So...I have to write about actual baseball news now? I much preferred these when the sole story anyone cared about was the upcoming playoff game that the Cleveland Indians were preparing to play. After about a month of that, these posts just feel so...empty. And sure, that's how the postseason often feels, but it feels even emptier after the World Series not ending in our favor. Whatever, I'm still bitter about it. I won't be in a few weeks (probably), but it still stinks knowing that baseball will be gone for the next few months. Oh well, onto the news.

Indians news

  • Tito leads Tribe's trio of BBWAA Awards finalists | MLB
    Tito should win AL Manager of the Year, Kluber has a case for the AL Cy Young but probably won't win (but hey, I said the same thing in 2014 so what do I know?), and Tyler Naquin will probably lose AL Rookie of the Year to Michael Fulmer. Regardless of which awards are and aren't won by the Tribe, there is a lot to like for the upcoming season, and the three men nominated embody a lot of it.
  • Despite being instrumental in the 2016 run to the World Series, Mike Napoli and Rajai Davis will not be receiving the $17.2 million dollar contracts that would keep them in Cleveland for another year. There is a chance that they could  sign for less money, but as of right now, neither will be back in a Cleveland uniform for 2017. If folks are upset by this, let me remind you that Napoli (age 35) and Davis (age 36) project for a combined 1.3 fWAR, according to Steamer, in 2017. I'm glad that the Cleveland Indians won't be paying $34.4 million for 1.3 fWAR.
  • Chicago Cubs fans took away the Cleveland Indians' home field advantage, and it's our fault: Ted Diadiun |
    From actually being in the stands for Game 6, I can tell you that it was sickening how many Cubs fans were in the stands making Progressive Field sound and feel like Wrigley Field during the World Series. A lot of folks will be upset at the Cleveland fans that sold their tickets to Chicago fans, and that's a fair assessment. But the real issue lies with the Cleveland Indians organization and how many tickets they allowed season ticket holders to buy. From the article: "I talked to a 25-year-old fan who has a 20-game plan in the bleachers that costs him $400 a year for two tickets. That qualified him for the extra ticket buy, and he said he sold 16 World Series tickets for more than $10,000 profit". Absurd.
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