"Tribe Wins, Arrriiight!": Voice messages from my dad

After the World Series I was bummed out -- It was the hardest I've taken a loss as a lifelong tribe fan, and honestly, I attribute that to my affinity for this particular club. I've watched these guys come up and form into a team that I think is really special, and in some ways I can relate to.

Though, I haven't been watching that happen alone. After every game I either call my dad, or he calls me. Most of the time we pick up and shoot the shit about the win (we rarely call after losses), or we leave a voicemail. Most of the games that go late, the call or more recently text messaging falls to me, and in the morning my dad will check first thing before he heads to work.

This happens all season. A steady back and forth of messages and chats between me and my dad about the Tribe. Honestly, we've been doing it for so long its second nature.

But after game 7, and after settling into my normal routine again, I'd think about how we might've actually pulled off that incredible game 7... we were up, tied, top of the order, in the bottom of the 9th... that damn Kip foul ball fooled me really good...

It wasn't until the second night after the series that I was playing on my phone and digging into voicemails from my Dad that I realized... they're hilarious, exciting, loud, and a pretty pure representation of the day-in day-out emotions of a lifelong Tribe fan (through the lens of an unfiltered Dad calling his son). Listening to those messages is what brought me back -- that might sound pretty dramatic, but damnit the lifers here on this site know what I'm talking about. They reminded me that baseball has the longest running season for a reason -- the fans are in it for the long-haul.

So on a whim, I hit up squarespace and whipped up a site:

It's a compilation of the voicemails my dad left me throughout the 2016 season. Give them a listen -- I guarantee they'll make you laugh.

*begin cheese* The joy me and my dad had shared in all summer long is and will always be what baseball really means to me -- Baseball is more than a trophy, and these messages are my proof. *end cheese*

We'll win the series. My bet is on 2017.

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