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Sunday News and Notes: Qualifying Offer deadline tomorrow

The Indians got quite a good return for their money from Mike Napoli and Rajai Davis in 2016, but can they count on that same production in 2017?

The Indians have a major decision to make tomorrow: do they make a Qualifying Offer to Mike Napoli?
The Indians have a major decision to make tomorrow: do they make a Qualifying Offer to Mike Napoli?
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Cleveland Indians have Terry Talkin' about the Mike Napoli question -- Terry Pluto (photos) |

The question being whether the Indians should offer Napoli a Qualifying Offer tomorrow. The QO (the average of the top 50 salaries in baseball) this year is $17.2M, and so if Napoli accepts it, he'd be getting roughly a $7M raise. Part of the issue is that the Indians don't really have an internal replacement for Napoli, and so if they don't end up re-signing him, they'd be going after either another first baseman or possibly an outfielder. But at the same time, $17.2M is rather large part of the 2017 payroll that you'd be tying up in a player that was worth 1.0 win above replacement. And if Napoli declines the QO, it's going to be tough for him to sign a lucrative deal elsewhere because the signing club would have to give up a first round pick, so I think there'd be a strong incentive for him to accept the QO.

Cleveland Indians' Chris Antonetti, Mike Chernoff riding wave of emotions from World Series Game 7 to start of the offseason |

Although the on-field personnel were concentrating solely on the postseason, the front office had to prepare for 2017 as well as helping the coaching staff prepare for the Red Sox, Blue Jays, and Cubs. And now that the season is over, that preparation goes into full effect. There isn't much time to think about what happened this past Wednesday, for the front office is going to Arizona for GM meetings starting on Tuesday.

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Sunday Notes: Cubs-Indians, Disrupting Timing, Bannister, D-Backs, more | FanGraphs Baseball

In which Laurila talks about the World Series (Bryan Shaw and Ryan Merritt makes appearances). But most importantly, there's a Brian Jeroloman reference.

Mets' Yoenis Cespedes reportedly opts out |

Players and teams also need to exercise or decline options by Tuesday, the first day free agents can sign with any club. And that includes player opt-outs, which have become more and more common over the last couple years. Yoenis Cespedes would be leaving $47.5M in guaranteed salary on the table, but the 30-year-old outfielder should easily get more than that on the free agent market.

In other moves:

  • Dexter Fowler and Kendrys Morales declined their player options, and will also become a free agents.
  • The Astros claimed Nori Aoki off waivers from the Seattle Mariners, then traded Pat Neshak to the Phillies for a PTBNL
  • The Royals declined their option on Luke Hochevar, so he's now a free agent.