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Sporcle Sunday: Name the 10 rookie catchers with the highest OPS+ in Indians history

No cheating!

Here's a freebie.
Here's a freebie.
Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Thanks to a trade that never happened, the Cleveland Indians could have a phenomenal rookie catcher in the next few years. Francisco Mejia stole minor league headlines this season with a tremendous 50-game hitting streak, tied for the fourth-longest streak in MiLB history, split between the Low-A Lake County Captains and the High-A Lynchburg Hillcats.

Mejia is still a few years away, no matter what your over-excited relative told you at Thanksgiving. But when he arrives, he has a chance to be one of the best-hitting rookie catchers the Indians have ever had. While a lot of that would be on the merit of Mejia being a switch-hitting catcher, his chance of being a great among Indians rookie catchers is a reality because, well, the Indians have not had many great-hitting rookie catchers.

And that brings us to our first installment of Sporcle Sundays. Every Sunday, you will have a chance to test your knowledge of the Indians past, present, and future. For this inaugural quiz, I am tasking you with finding those few rookie catchers who were great in Indians history (100 PA minimum). Find the players that Mejia will be gunning for when he makes his debut in the coming seasons.