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News and Notes: Outfield shoud be theme of the offseason

As the long Thanksgiving Day weekend comes to a close, baseball's Winter Meetings now looms large on the offseason landscape...

Lonnie Chisenhall and Tyler Naquin ended the season as starters, but will they begin 2017 as starters?
Lonnie Chisenhall and Tyler Naquin ended the season as starters, but will they begin 2017 as starters?
David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Tribe News

Cleveland Indians have Terry Talkin' outfield candidates, free agents -- Terry Pluto |

The outfield is I think going to be the crux of the offseason for the Indians. As in, whatever major moves are made will be made with improving the outfield in mind. Even if the Indians knew that Michael Brantley will play 150 games next year, the outifled would still be the area that would have the most potential for improvement. And that includes the now-vacant DH spot.

MLB News

Goodbye to All Them: The Players Who Quietly Retired in 2016 – The Hardball Times

Not all players leave the game in a blaze of glory (or at least notoriety). These are the ones that simply faded away in 2016.

Heyman - CBA Talks Back On As Deadline Looms

Some of the sticking points mentioned:

  • End of direct draft pick compensation for losing top free agents (as in the signing loses a pick, while the former team gets a pick)
  • MLBAM revenue (currently not directly shared with players).
  • The international draft, which would mainly affect young players from the Caribbean and South America.
  • Luxury tax specifics
  • The current slotting system for the draft (in which teams are assigned a bonus budget for the first ten rounds).
None of these by themselves are huge sticking points - the 1994/1995 work stoppage dealt with more fundamental issues, such as a proposed salary cap and retraction - though there does seem to be a lot of them.

After $1 billion in player spending, Dodgers under MLB mandate to cut debt - LA Times

MLB rules stipulate that a team should not have 12 times as much debt as revenue (less expenses), and the Dodgers are not in compliance with this. Although we don't really know what the financial statements of clubs look like, as they aren't public.