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Good news: Corey Kluber will not pitch in the World Baseball Classic

Welcome to the website that is SUPPOSED to ignore the biggest world story of the day in lieu of baseball minutia

Corey Kluber ducks out of the way of WBC dangers
Corey Kluber ducks out of the way of WBC dangers
Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Today's "big" story is that Indians pitcher extraordinaire Corey Kluber has decided not to pitch in the WBC. Kluber was being considered for Team USA, but has decided not to put his body through the extra pitches. This is great news; Corey's reason is even better: HE PITCHED 34.1 INNINGS IN THE 2016 MLB POSTSEASON INCLUDING 16 IN THE WORLD SERIES! WOOO THAT IS A THING THAT HAPPENED!

The other decently large story is that Ken Rosenthal passes along word that the rumored MLB lockout could indeed happen next month. It would be a real shame if the regular season started a little later and we had to play fewer games after playing roughly 200 high-stress ones this season. < / sarc >

Around baseball (even smaller stories)

* The Twins finally improved on their catching situation, adding Jason Castro, formerly of the Astros. Castro, whose job is no longer "C, Astros" will get $24.5M over 3 seasons.

• So, ummm... the Padres have new uniforms. And boy are they boring. Can you believe they set the announcement video to that kind of music?

• The Orioles announced new members of their coaching staff and it includes Roger McDowell! And Alan Mills! Are you excited yet?

• Maybe this will wake you up? Bartolo Colon sitting on a scooter wearing a Cavaliers jersey. Did that do it? Was I grasping at straws?

• Well, this will do it: The Angels claimed somebody named Nolan Fontana off waivers from the Astros. Given their system, I assume he slides right into the #1 spot on their Top 10 prospects list.