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Indians news and notes: Three Indians players receive MVP votes

Morning news & notes for Friday, November 12, 2016.

Cleveland Indians v Baltimore Orioles Photo by Matt Hazlett/Getty Images

As expected (or not, if you have bad opinions), the BBWAA chose Mike Trout as the 2016 American League Most Valuable Player. While no Cleveland Indians players received enough to be in the top five, Francisco Lindor did make it into the top ten at number nine with two fifth-place votes, four seventh-place votes, five eighth-place votes, four ninth-place votes, and five tenth-place votes.

Jose Ramirez received a vote as well, a ninth-place nod from Jim Ingraham of the Elyria Chronicle, and even Corey Kluber received a vote courtesy of Jeff Fletcher of the Orange County Register.

The full results, as well as individual ballots, can be seen here, courtesy of the BBWAA.

Indians news

Slow news day for the Indians, but Trevor Bauer made it into an Amon Amarth video from September that I somehow missed until now. Thanks to nimbusstev on /r/Wahoostipi for pointing it out.

Also, here's a GIF.

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