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Nick Swisher: “It’d be good for baseball if the Cubbies end up pulling this thing out”

He’s probably not wrong. But I don’t care what’s best for baseball right now, to be quite honest.

New York Yankees v Cleveland Indians Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

In a recent interview (if you want to call cornering a guy in an airport and forcing him to answer your dumb questions an interview), Nick Swisher said he thinks it’d be “good for baseball” if the Chicago Cubs win tonight and force a Game 7 against the Cleveland Indians.

Before you start burning those Nick Swisher jerseys that you own for some reason, he might deserve some benefit of the doubt.

Swisher also brings up the Cubs’ World Series drought, which is one of the most infuriating storylines of the World Series to this point. The Indians have a drought too, world. It’s a long enough drought that any Indians fans under the age of 73 probably have no recollection of their favorite team winning. At this point, the length of the droughts really don’t matter. Both fan bases have suffered and both deserve it.

But if we’re being honest, Swisher is probably right. It’s easier to market the Cubs’ 108-year drought that it is the Indians. The Cubs have more celebrities fans, the Cubs are this year’s best team and they are the team that most mainstream media are probably hoping to write stories about.

Luckily all of that doesn’t matter. If the Indians win, they are the better story. Period. And even if that is worse off for baseball, I (and I assume every other Indians fan) do not care one bit about what it is “best for baseball.” I want the Indians to win.

I’m also not saying Nick Swisher has any kind of grudge against the Indians just because he thinks the more popular team might win the World Series, but he apparently wasn’t loved in the clubhouse when he was traded last season.

So maybe he had some ulterior motive to this answer, or maybe some guy from TMZ hounded him for answers when he just wanted to get to his flight. I still hold no personal hate for Nick Swisher, and I hope the Indians disappoint him and every other person in the world rooting for the Cubs’ story. You can form your own opinions.