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Tyler Naquin made history tonight... wait

According to TBS, anyway.

Tyler Naquin has done a lot of great things this season as a rookie. He just missed being the first Indians rookie outfielder to start on Opening Day since 1986, but he has provided us with one of the best moments of the year.

According to TBS’ broadcast tonight, he also made some kind of history...

Congrats, Tyler! Not only were you the first Indians rookie outfielder to start in a postseason game since 1948, but you’re also the first outfielder period! Hard to believe the 2007 Indians took the ALCS to Game 7 playing three-men short. And it’s no wonder the 2013 Wild Card game was a shutout. I wonder how many championships the ‘90s Indians would have won if they had thought of trotting out an an outfield.