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Blue Jays Walk Off on Ubaldo Jimenez While Zach Britton Sits Unused

Britton must have been injured, right? NOPE!

There's a 60% chance that this pitch was demolished.
There's a 60% chance that this pitch was demolished.
Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images


Throughout the entirety of this game, I thought the beginning of this post was going to focus on the tremendous defense that was on display in last night's Blue Jays–Orioles game. But Buck Showalter wanted none of that storyline, using every pitcher in his system before Cy Young Candidate Zach Britton. Bkuz not save situation, right, Jensen?

Well, not only did Mr. Showalter use a number of non-Britton relievers instead of Britton, he actually had the audacity to parade Ubaldo Jimenez out there. Ubaldo Jimenez. Against the Toronto Freaking Blue Jays offense. Against Devon Travis, Josh Donaldson and Edwin Encarnacion. You know how this is going to go, but here we go anyways:

Travis: Single. Well struck. .900 expected batting average

Donaldson: Single. Well struck. .800 expected batting average

Encarnacion: Home run. Demolished. 1.000 expected batting average. 108.3 exit velocity.

Great defense throughout this game, but there's no defense for that kind of contact—all allowed on just 5 total pitches.

Details that got bumped from this "recap"

• Zeke Carrera started a playoff game in the year 2016. And made a nice catch! And had this RBI to bail out bad baserunning by his teammate.

• Kevin Pillar made this awesome catch, which yes, is something he does frequently. And Michael Bourn (starting a playoff game in the year 2016) made this one. But not this one.

• Showalter had a quick hook with Chris Tillman. And it worked. When Carrera beats your SP, you know it's not his day. Hopefully Josh Tomlin has a similarly quick leash if he falters in the ALDS.

• A fan tried to interfere with HS Kim by throwing a beverage at him/the ball. It did not work and Adam "Not Pacman" Jones was not pleased. Stay classy, Toronto.

• It was really nice to watch a playoff game and see on the CF scoreboard "Boston Porcello Cleveland Bauer."

Less Memorable News and Notes

• The Tigers are allegedly keeping Brad Ausmus

• examines how the Indians were built—the word "draft" is in here an awful lot, Clecom #IndiansCantDraft People. Also! Did you know that Shapanetti are really good at trading? Chances are, no, if I'm still talking to that group I just addressed. Apparently Rajai Davis is a 2015 addition because he signed in December, but Mike Napoli is a 2016 one because he signed in January.

• 4 of those Indians have been particularly awesome as of late.

Fangraphs has picked their NL Gold Glove choices and I'll offer you one hint: The first video is of Bartolo Colon fielding a very bad Tyler Naquin bunt. #NeverBunt

• Before the Orioles did those things in that game yesterday, Jeff Sullivan wrote about how they are better than "we" thought.

• Chances are, you already know this... but! The MLB postseason is full of randomness.

For some, the playoffs can provide the feeling that being fanatical about one team used to provide.

Today's entry in "Carlos Santana is one of the AL's best players: