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Let’s Talk Tribe Podcast Ep. 48: ALDS Preview

Sweeping the Royals, an ALDS preview, Yan Gomes' return, our World Series picks, and enhancing the dankness.

Cleveland Indians v Boston Red Sox Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images

The regular season is over and we don’t have to be sad! For the first time in nine seasons, the Cleveland Indians are partaking in a full playoff series. Unfortunately, it comes against a stacked Boston Red Sox team, but anything can happen so let’s see how it plays out.

In our special ALDS preview episode, Jason and I welcome fellow Let’s Go Tribe writer Merritt Rohlfing onto the show. He helps us break the series down game-by-game, talk about the sweep of the Kansas City Royals, laugh at the Detroit Tigers losing two games to the Atlanta Braves to lose their playoff spot, and more. Merritt and I also declare Game 2 of the ALDS a must-win game, while Jason thinks we’re kind of crazy.

We also answer your questions including @PinstripeAlley who wants to know why the Indians don’t automatically advance since they have Andrew Miller (agreed), @rjills who wants to know what would have happened without Michael Brantley’s injury, and @newcheddarwolf who wants some good old fashioned #shadowanalysis.

This week’s episode clocks in at 67 minutes. Thanks for listening!

Intro and outro music: I’m a Machine by Glass Lux.