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Trevor Bauer imitated Mike Napoli’s batting stance in his first World Series at-bat


World Series - Cleveland Indians v Chicago Cubs - Game Five Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

As of this writing, Trevor Bauer is doing a lot of good things in his second World Series start. For me, the best is imitating first baseman Mike Napoli with his first at-bat in the postseason.

I thought it looked too specific to be his own stance, and if you track down some video of Napoli (I used Game 3 of the World Series) he does the EXACT same bat wiggle and the constant shuffling of his hands. The only thing missing was the exaggerated knee-bend, but by golly he’s got it.

I was really hoping Bauer would come through and do what he did last season when batting in the American League; I’m so glad he did. Unlike the first time around, there was no Matt Underwood and Rick Manning excitedly yelling about it so it seemingly went unnoticed. You’re welcome, America.