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The Cleveland Indians are one win away from a World Series title

Will they clinch it tonight against the Cubs, on the road?

Strike the pose, Rajai.
Strike the pose, Rajai.
Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Cleveland Indians @ Chicago Cubs

October 30th, 3016. 8:08 pm EDT, Wrigley FIeld

Radio: WTAM

TV: Fox


This is real life.

I know that you do not believe me, but it is true.

Trevor Bauer battles Jon Lester on the northside of Chicago. Apparently, the Chicago Cubs are pretty confident about this matchup.

I'll say this: it's been fun watching the emotions of Cubs fans go from, "This is the baseball" to "Oh god not again."

Of course it has. This is not their baseball. It is our baseball.

Today's Lineups

Rajai Davis - CF Dexter Fowler - CF
Jason Kipnis - 2B Kris Bryant - 3B
Francisco Lindor - SS Anthony Rizzo - 1B
Mike Napoli - 1B Ben Zobrist - LF
Carlos Santana - LF Addison Russell - SS
Jose Ramirez - 3B Jason Heyward - RF
Brandon Guyer - RF Javier Baez - 2B
Roberto Perez - C David Ross - C
Trevor Bauer - RHP Jon Lester - LHP