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Corey Kluber used Michael Brantley’s bat for his key hit in Game 4

Pitchers hitting is kind of dumb until it isn’t.

World Series - Cleveland Indians v Chicago Cubs - Game Four Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

The Cleveland Indians may have made it this far without Michael Brantley on the field, but he certainly has not be an absence on the team. In fact, his bat — the one that only saw action 39 times this season — was used in one of the pivotal at-bats of the World Series.

John Lackey, apparently mistaking Corey Kluber for Francisco Lindor or Babe Ruth, could not seem to keep anything in the zone when he faced the Indians’ ace in the second inning of Game 4, instead choosing to nibble and eventually dragging what should have been an easy out to a lengthy battle. Kluber eventually came out on top with a ground ball that dribbled down the third base line long enough for Kluber to chug down the line for a base hit.

Here’s the Spanish highlight, because it’s the only one I can find and Spanish baseball highlights are the best, anyway:

The hit scored Lonnie Chisenhall from third and gave the Indians their first lead of the game. In the grand scheme of a 7-2 blowout win, getting a 2-1 lead in the second inning may not be much, but given the butterfly effect and all, the Indians potentially could have been staring at a tie or a deficit for much of the game if Kluber strikes out.

Kluber revealed after the game that the bat he used did, in fact, belong to the Indians’ injured outfielder.

The quote itself is pretty great, and it goes to show how together this team is. Even those who cannot play for a myriad of reasons are in on the action. You’ll often see a quick shot of the dugout catching Brantley, who has been limited to just 11 games over the last year due to a shoulder injured suffered while diving for a ball last August, cheering on his teammates. Or you might see Carlos Carrasco living out my personal fantasy and combing Jose Ramirez’s glorious red-orange hair.