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N&N: Cleveland Indians finally able to reach 34 games over .500

The 101-68 Indians took on the Cubs on Tuesday night in their first attempt at 34.

While this is better form than the tackling of the Browns, I swear... they're happy!
While this is better form than the tackling of the Browns, I swear... they're happy!
Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

The Indians got out to an awesome 2–0 lead last night in the first game of the World Series. That is a sentence I really just wrote. Then, Roberto Perez made it 3–0 with a monster blast, the hardest ball hit off of Jon Lester this season. Then Mr. Lester got a little peeved with the HP Umpire. Now, I'll let @IndiansUmp describe how that Lester conversation affected the strike zone that followed:

Call hurts #Indians
Call hurts #Indians
Call hurts #Indians
Call hurts #Indians
Call hurts #Indians
Call hurts #Indians
Call hurts #Indians

That's right—all 7 wrong strike zone calls after that went the Cubs' way. So you're worried that this cost the Indians the game? a) Scroll up to the headline, goofball and b) It didn't. Corey Kluber, Andrew Miller and Cody allen were that good.

The Indians are no longer a 35% chance to win it all on Fangraphs and 538... they are now slightly more likely to do so than the Cubs are! !!!

Indians Links Everywhere

• Indians officially set their roster in advance of the World Series and it is the same as the ALCS roster, except with Danny Salazar replacing Cody Anderson.

• Kyle Schwarber is on the Cubs roster, which scares the daylights out of me —and for good reason, as he showed Tuesday night.

• How can the Indians win the World series? This is how. Other than winning four games, of course.

• Jon Heyman on the Indians looking to spoil CHC's dreams, which just a few days ago were "reach World Series." Also in this link: "The Indians’ offer for Miller was much better than anyone else’s..."

• Terry Francona and JR Smith are texting buddies.

Thanks again, Jake!

• I already centered a News and Notes on this once this year, but now the "Napoli is a great baserunner" narrative has made it to ESPN Insider.

• Andrew Miller's career hasn't gone as smoothly as the careers of most dominant pitchers have.

• Here's Jonah Keri's WS preview: He's taking the Cubs in 6.

• Kenny Lofton had a hard time getting to Cleveland on time for his first pitch, but an Indians fan saved the day by giving Lofton his plane ticket. (h/t Lukehard/t)

Lighter Notes

• A baseball fan asked Jon Heyman for an autograph yesterday. Should have planned ahead and brought an Arby's wrapper instead of a baseball.

• Ken Rosenthal called Hoynes "great." Make Hoynes Great Again, said baseball fans in 1999. Hasn't happened yet.

• But speaking of Hoynes (coming close to) being Great Again:

• Carlos Carrasco's daughter makes her father's faces when she sees him on walls.