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Cleveland Indians World Series roster set, includes Danny Salazar

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Danny Salazar replaces Cody Anderson on the roster

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports
World Series roster

Embiggened version

Google Docs version

The Indians have made one roster move, replacing Cody Anderson with Danny Salazar. Salazar last pitched for the Indians on September 9th, which is 46 days ago. He did throw a simulated game a couple days ago, but realistically is only going to be used for at most 3-4 innings at a time.

Terry Francona has several ways to use Salazar; he could use him as another short reliever multiple times, hold him in reserve in case one of the starters leaves early, or use him as a starter in Game 4. I think Francona uses Salazar as a backup if Trevor Bauer’s finger becomes an issue in Game 2, and if Bauer can pitch a normal game, then would feel free to use him wherever afterwards.

One concern I have with Salazar is his control, which is always an issue with him. And with him not pitching in a game situation of any kind since early September, I think Francona will try to get him some action in as low-leverage a situation as possible early in the series just to see how he’ll fare. If he’s on, he could be an incredible weapon in just about any situation, whether it be starting a game or even setting up Miller and Allen.

For what it’s worth, Salazar did face the Cubs last season; he allowed three runs (two earned) in 4.2 innings, giving up six hits and walking a batter. Kyle Schwarber, who is probably going to be in the lineup in Games 1 and 2, hit a home run off him.