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Indians news and notes: World Series Edition

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Call out sick from work, skip class, do whatever you have to do because THE CLEVELAND INDIANS PLAY IN THE WORLD SERIES TONIGHT!!!

MLB: World Series-Workouts
For the first time since 1997, The Jake will host the World Series.
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The Cleveland Indians are playing tonight in Game 1 of the 2016 World Series. Is it still a bit too good to believe? Well start believing because, in just a few short hours, the Indians will see their first World Series action since 1997. Because Rob Manfred hates me exclusively (at least, I’m assuming that’s the case and it has absolutely nothing to do with scheduling logistics on MLB’s part), I’ll be stuck in a dumb meeting tonight and will miss a good majority of the game. For once, the west coast is decidedly not the best coast. That being said, pretty much my entire staff understands what tonight means to me (and so many other Tribe fans), so I’m sure they’ll understand if I’m less than present mentally. And if not, oh well, CLEVELAND IS IN THE WORLD SERIES!

Indians news

The Cleveland Indians are really good at stealing bases and running the bases in general. Jon Lester, the starting pitcher for the Chicago Cubs in Game 1, is atrocious at picking off runners. This seems like a no-brainer to me; run like hell, almost all of the Cleveland Indians lineup.

Andrew Miller’s slider does not appear at #1 on this list. I demand a recount.

Much like our own Matt Lyons, Corinne Landrey over at FanGraphs concluded that Danny Salazar can be a weapon for Terry Francona to use in the World Series, but the success of the Tribe is not necessarily contingent on Salazar’s success. That being said, I can’t wait to see Danny blow some 98 MPH fastballs by some Chicago hitters in the coming week.

The Dodgers were able to shut down the Cubs for 2+ games, about a billion people stole a base off of Jon Lester in the past season, Cleveland has home field advantage, and the taxed rotation/bullpen has had ample time to rest up for one last series. Don’t let anyone tell you that Cleveland can’t win this thing because they most certainly can. Tribe in 6.

The direct antithesis to the article just above, Zack Meisel looks at things that could prove challenging to Cleveland during the World Series; namely, stupid NL baseball rules, Kyle Hendricks being a awesome, the Cubs ability to score a lot of runs and the Cubs ability to not let opponents score a lot of runs.

And finally, I won’t embed the actual photo because I don’t want to get into another logo debate (on today, of all days), but /r/baseball has their infamous MS Paint World Series bracket all ready to go and I love it.