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Danny Salazar will pitch in the World Series

He may start or he may come in in relief, but Danny Salazar is back.

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Danny Salazar is my favorite pitcher on the Cleveland Indians. One of my favorite memories of watching him pitch came during his second big league start on August 7, 2013. In that game, he struck out Miguel Cabrera 3 times on blazing fastballs (we don't need to discuss what happened the fourth time that Danny faced Cabrera).

When he was dominating opposing teams earlier this season, it was exciting. He pitched so well that he made his first All-Star game. Unfortunately, he was unable to pitch due to arm fatigue. That arm fatigue never seemed to fully go away; prior to the ASB, Danny had a 2.75 ERA, was striking out 10.1 batters per nine innings, and looked to be on his way to his best season in his young career. Unfortunately, the second half of the season was much different; after the ASB, his ERA ballooned to 7.44, he only threw 32.2 innings, and he never seemed to truly get back on track. Regardless of how poorly he pitched in the latter half of the season, I wanted Danny Salazar to pitch in the postseason. So, for me, seeing this tweet this afternoon was really, really exciting:

Matt already wrote about the fact that the Indians don't need to rely on Salazar in order to win the World Series, and I would agree with him. That being said, having a 97 MPH fireballer coming out of the pen, especially to follow someone like Ryan Merritt, could be devastating for opposing hitters.

Welcome back, Danny. Here's to a successful World Series run.