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Jason Kipnis came this close to making us all really sad


There are plenty of reason to be excited in Cleveland right now. The Cleveland Indians are in the World Series, the Cavs are about to get their NBA Championship rings, and if you don’t really like baseball you can pretend to be a Chicago Cubs fan and be excited along with everyone else.

One of the people celebrating after the Tribe clinched their first World Series appearance since 1997 was Jason Kipnis. The Indians’ star second baseman was celebrating with shortstop and on-field BFF Francisco Lindor after the series-clinching Game 5 win last Wednesday when they jumped and Kipnis came down awkwardly.

Turns out he sprained his ankle.

As explained by Tito, the good news is that it’s just a low ankle sprain, and not a high ankle sprain. A high ankle sprain is something common in football that can plague a receiver for weeks, while a low ankle sprain is probably something you have endured numerous times if you have a toddler who leaves toys in their hallway instead of putting them away.

I remember seeing this tweet and thinking/hoping Kipnis was joking, but he clearly wasn’t. Luckily, he should be fine. He was even in good enough spirits to poke fun at it on Twitter and give us visual evidence of the sprain happen.

Don’t see it? I’ll give you a minute.




If you’re done hyperventilating, take a deep breath. He’s okay. But boy, he is an inch or two away from really doing some damage to his ankle just a week before the World Series. I don’t fault him for celebrating, of course, it’s just one of those freak things that almost made us all really, really sad. And the Indians have more than enough of those this season.